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Hi again Norma. I purchased these to use in a game. They are stunning. WOuld you be available for a commission to do some additional work?

Hi. I really like these and your other work. Would it be possible to get in touch with you somehow? I need pixel art backgrounds for a game (to be released on Steam and Xbox) and your style is very attractive!

Thanks! Just purchased, this is great. Keep up the good work

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Hi Norma! I'm too excited about your art. So bought it to make my first pixel art space game better. Many thanks for your work!


Hey, thank you so much! I wish you the best of luck with your space game and any future projects :)

Thank you! And the best for you too ^_^

Hi, are those static or parallax backgrounds?

Hey, these are static images.

love your work <3 used one of the backgrounds for a small promo vid for our new project!


Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that <3

These look amazing!


Thank you! I'm glad you like them :)

Great job!

Thank you! :)